Kid Yoga Classes

Preschool class schedule

Class is held at Macalester-Plymouth United Church.

Offered during Summer Months

Yoga is a wonderful skill for young children. It teaches self-regulation skills, body and breath awareness, flexibility, strength and balance, and it builds children’s self-esteem.

Chrissy uses the MoveMindfully Early Childhood curriculum in her children’s yoga classes. Based on Chrissy’s experience over the last decade working with young children, these practices provide breathing, movement, and rest activities to address the needs of the whole child.


Chrissy has taught yoga to preschoolers and toddlers at several schools in St. Paul (Macalester-Plymouth Preschool, Whole Child Preschool/Daycare and Close to Home Child Development Center), and she has even taught schoolchildren in Guatemala. Chrissy also teaches MoveMIndfully to children, adolescents and adults at University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital and United Hospital. If you would like MoveMindfully sessions at your site,, please let us know. To learn more about MoveMindfully, visit

Chrissy offers preschool/kids classes at Macalester-Plymouth United Church during summer months. The pricing structure for Winged Heart Yoga classes is designed to make yoga classes accessible. If you want your child to attend Chrissy’s preschool/kids class but cannot afford the fee, funds are available through The Tracy Lane Memorial Scholarship.



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